Otesha Project (Bikes and all things good)

Hey everyone!

So most of you probably know me as the guy who loves riding bikes, cares alot about the planet, and is always performing or putting on a show somewhere(and doesn't update his LJ). Well! I have been given the opportunity to combine these three things into one big event for myself(and 15 others) this summer.

What I'm talking about is the Otesha Project (www.otesha.ca) which I can quickly breakdown for you right now. Otesha holds a series of bike tours throughout the country every year to promote sustainable living and ways for us to limit our footprint on the planet. How we do this is by gathering 16 like-minded people together put them all on bicycles, and have them ride to different schools and community centres performing a play about how we can live more consciously on this planet. Otesha is really into sweatshop-free clothing, water
conservation, preventing climate change, organic and local food, and fairly traded products of all kinds – which means that farmers of coffee, chocolate, sugar, tea, and lots of other stuff get a fair price for their goods. Bicycles naturally fit into this, which is why I am emailing you now.

Starting May 1st I will be on the tour called the Prairie Sky tour which runs as you can guess across the Prairies, haha. Starting in Calgary and finishing in Regina, its roughly 1200 km's which really isn't that much for 2 months but I guess we are performing too and have occasional days off. If it were upto me we'd be riding three times as much!

Now why I'm emailing you about this is for 2 reasons one I'm really stoked on doing this and thought you should all know. I also am asking if you all can help in my raising of $1900.00 for this, I am going to be contributing a few hundred dollars from my own funds. Every dollar donated will roughly add up to 1 person I reach as we are going to be interacting with over 2,000 people on this tour.

I am hoping for donations in the range of $25, although whatever you can donate would be much appreciated, and anything over 20 dollars is tax deductible as Otesha is a registered charity. If you do not have extra cash that is totally understandable but instead if you have some suggestions for ways to raise money, or if you know some people who would be willing to help out it would be greatly appreciated.

To donate there are a few different ways, you can do it online through a secure website I am setup with Otesha by following this link http://www.canadahelps.org/gp.aspx?id=3679, Or if you'd rather do it through cheque you can by emailing me back(adress at the bottom) and we can arrange how to do that. As I mentioned the tour begins May 1st and all donations need to be in before then (which doesn't leave for alot of time, my fault) so the sooner we can get funds in the easier it will be for me to know how much I still need to raise.

I will keep you all posted on my status on the fund-raising and also on the bike tour as it comes.

If you have more questions or anything please email me and I will get you fully informed.

Thanks alot hope you folks can help me out,


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Vote for sale.

So I'd like to inform you all that my vote for this federal election is for sale.

if you wanna buy it lemme know its gonna be up for auction until the 12th or 13th.


The internet is becoming less and less appealing everyday to me. Hopefully soon to remove myself from most crap on here(LJ excluded...FOR NOW!!!!).

But I am leaving on my big ole bike ride soon, im pretty excited should be fun woohoo!

Listen to Nick Cave he's full of good ideas!
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so the year has been goin pretty swell. Turned my back on school and instead I'm gonna be heading up north via bicycle. Pretty excited for the trip, should be leaving July 15th. Lately been working lots, riding lots, and drinkin with friends.

Also every sunday some friends and I cook and serve free vegan food at montebello park, its real fun and real delicious you should come check it out were there between 3 and 5. woohoo!

Also anyone who has a bike and wants to go riding hit me up!

Gil this weekend I promise!

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storms a brewing....in my brain


I have plans to move to hamilton in august to take this big course from this big music management company and then work for them on the road. I met them and everything and it looks really good, but today I had some profound thoughts that maybe i dont wanna do this. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, I can do what I wanna do in the music industry without doing that and spending money on it and moving to hamilton, blah blah blah. Now I'm gonna sleep on this for a few days before i really put this into motion along with my other plans which you will read now!

I was planning on going to visit my father just before i moved to hamilton (mid-July) then come back 2 weeks later. But, if I dont do the hamilton thing I believe I may take my bicycle and a bag and ride the Bruce trail in its entireity all the way to Tobermory, take the fairy to the island, where my dad lives, and stay with him for a week or 2. Once that is finished head to Sudbury where my dad has an apartment he is not currently using and stay in the Suds for awhile. This is ofcourse all up in the air and requires some sleep and further thought.

Just felt like jottin this down.

that is all.
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No matter how many "bad" things happen to ya, theres always something worse happening to someone less deserving than you.
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Holy Fuck BEANS!!!!

so like i got a bunch of shows comin up right...
Us and For the Mathematics May 8th
DOA may 11th
Keepin 6' May 23rd
Jonah Matranga May 25th
Trole June 7th
Abdominal sometime in june


By total accident and just by chance, Ive got one of my most favouritest bands next saturday(19th) at the L3!! I just confirmed this today.

By the way they are called Do Make Say Think. If you have heard of em come, if not check em out and then you'll want to to come. They are soo amazing! I'm fuckin stoked!!

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